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This German device consisted of a curved barrel attachment fitted to the MP-43 assault rifle which allowed it to shoot round corners. The device was requested in order to permit riflemen to shoot from cover without exposing themselves and also to allow the crew of a tank to fire downwards, close to the tank side, to prevent enemy infantry coming close enough to attach explosive charges to the tank Development was undertaken by the C. G. Haenel Company, and after extensive trials it was found that a simple extension would turn the bullet through 30 degrees, and deliver it accurately to the target up to a range of about 850m. The idea was first applied to the standard Gewehr 98 service rifle, it was then tried with the MG 34 machine gun, but since the deflection altered the recoil forces the machine gun would not fire at automatic.

It was finally decided to fit it to the MP-43 since this fired a shorter bullet which set up less strain when passing through the extension. In 1944 orders were given for production of 10,000 Krummlaef devices, though it is doubtful if anything like that number were made.

In addition to the infantry 30-degree model, a 90-degree version was made for firing from ranks. Due to the sharp bend, it was impossible to handhold this model, and it was provided with a ball-joint which fitted into the tank armor. The design was completed in 1945, but very few were made.